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DIVIDED BY NUMBERS the pocket and almost perfection.

Haunting vocals eerily cool guitars and thoughtful lyrics...just a few of the things that drew me to this Danish band Divided by Numbers. Usually bands songs drone on and pretty much sound alike through-out an album...but in the samples supplied my by their label...every cut has a distinct different sound. This is the stuff our site searches for and seldom finds...the wow-factor that we get to present to you guys. This band has a "pain-filled" sound as if been there-done that...a believeable delivery that makes you hit replay on your mp3 player over and over again. If I had a star system...I would give Divided by Numbers all but one...because perfection is unattainable...but this, I about as close as it gets. Keep it tuned to DRR...we will have a few tunes from these guys in rotation...yeah...they are that good...and buy their stuff by visiting the links on the left of this page...AND TURN IT UP!

Talking with DIVIDED BY NUMBERSAfter creating an album in a former band and playing clubs and other venues, vocalist Troels Andreasen, drummer Lasse Valdbjørn Jensen, guitar/vocal-man Jacob Lind and bass player Lars Adamsen established new targets for their music.
The starting point of the new material should now be in making catchy, emotional and polyphonic vocal-melodies. ”Previously, we made new songs, where the guitar-riff was the main part to “kick-off” the tune, states Jacob Lind, who tells, that it has been a relief writing simpler, calmer songs in a united understanding. “We’re all taking part in the process of creating new material, and I feel, that we’ve achieved stronger songs with a warm edged sound in our work, Lasse Jensen ads, who’s solidly sitting behind the drums of DBN. The guys have worked hard on creating dynamics to the songs, and the focus has also been getting the material to contain intensity and nerve, where themes of personal and emotional meaning are the center of the lyrical universe. “No doubt that our material appeals to a lot of age groups – anyhow that’s what we experience, when we present the songs at concerts, Lars Adamsen tells.
“Now we just hope that people of all ages want to get new musical experiences – I really feel we’ve something to offer, tells Troels Andreasen, who twists his voice through aural spheres.The EP is recorded at Popshit Recording Studies under the guidance from music producer, Morten Sandberg Madsen, who’s also the bands manager and promoter. “I feel that the music frames up a new collection of songs that people really should listen to. There is more to the songs, when you listen to them – they are melodic, energetic and there’s a certain depth to the band, says Morten S. Madsen.

I feel that the music frames up a new collection of songs that people really should listen to. There is more to the songs, when you listen to them – they are melodic, energetic and there’s a certain depth to the band.

BIODivided By Numbers joined forces in 2013, after being in a quite different constellation called Fairlane.
DBN set out on a mission to establish a creative universe where melody is the keystone in the song process. The listener will be met with an overwhelming and engaging experience.
Dreamy melancholy wrapped in large echo-plated guitar, is the offset to Troels Andreasens strong yet fragile vocals. Lyrically, Troels takes the listener through loss, hope, love and desperation. Feelings we all can relate to and know so well.
On the live scene, Divided By Numbers delivers an intense performance with a very basic setup. The audience is witness to a musical experience that captures the essence of the band. Melody created in a dynamic sphere of emotion and musicality. No one leaves a gig untouched by the four members!

Divided By Numbers : EP 2015
(Vinyl and digital)

Troels Adreasen (vox)
Lars Adamsen (Bass & Guitar)
Lasse Valdbjørn (Drums)
Jacob Lind (Choir/Guitars)

Artists We LikeBand Of Horses, Midlake, Fleetwood Mac, The War On Drugs, Arcade Fire, Kashmir, Bruce Springsteeen

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Booking Info
Contact: Morten Madsen
Location: Randers, Denmark
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