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One of the great sides to the Internet is it opens you up to so many more opportunities to hear bands mainstream media don’t expose you to. The down side is because there is so many bands out there it is also very easy for bands to fly under your own personal radar, for me…Escape 42 are one of those bands, indeed if the bands label hadn’t gotten in touch with me I would still be unaware of them.

Essentially, a melodic six piece, this Randers band have been making music together for only a few years and this, their latest digital streaming and download EP called “Only a Matter of Time is a little gem and I’m so glad I got the opportunity to hear and enjoy it. Calling these guys, a pop-rock band is only the tip of the iceberg and does their overall sound a little injustice as they are not as flimsy or throw away as that genre title implies to the average rocker. There are strong alt rock touches that modernize their sound that gives them a strong edge whilst not neglecting the highly melodic and polished, hook filled songs in the process.
It’s a short EP, but to quote that most overused of quotes it’s all killer with no filler and for me every song packs a punch. (My days in radio have come out right?)

Jonas’s and Thors guitars are much heavier than you’d expect from your average pop-rock act but they are never aggressive or obtrusive they just add power to the songs impact and give the songs more of an alternative taste.

The production is great and as songwriters they throw everything into the mix. Anyone who knows me knows I prefer the smoothness and rich feel of a song that fills out its sound with lush melodic soundscapes. If you like your music raw and minimalistic, these guys aren’t for you.

I find comparison’s hard so why try – right. I tell you what, I left plenty of links to the left of this page so you can listen to your hearts content and draw your own conclusions. Personally…I dig their sound.

Talking with ESCAPE 42Interview with Casper Heinrich Mathiasen, Jonas Petersen and Thomas Fogh Kristoffersen from Escape 42:
How did you guys meet?
Thomas and I got in contact through a friend. He knew we were both looking to start a band, writing own material in the Pop/rock genre. So we met and talked band and ambitions and found out that we wanted a lot of the same things in a band. So I took contact to my friends Nicolaj, Anders and Simon and together we formed Escape 42. - Jonas
What is Escape 42 about?
We want to create music that speaks to the heart and we focus a lot on atmosphere and dynamics in our music. Trying to create a universe with room for everyone. We write about love, loneliness, heartbreaks, dreams, being young and just life as we know it, but also how we want it to be. We will keep working hard on our music and can only hope that people will enjoy what we do and hopefully come to our shows. - Thomas
Looking back on the 2 years you have been a band. How has the band evolved since the beginning?
Well a lot has happened. First we have had to find new members first when Anders ( the former lead vocalist) choose to leave the band in the end of 2014, due to personal issues and Nicolaj has just left the band this year because he wanted to try something different. So we got Casper as our new singer, he is a great guy who share escape 42s believes and visions, so he fit in right from the start. We have just found our new guitarist and we will soon be announcing who he is on our facebook page. But musically we have all grown so much over the past 2 years and we have learned a lot about being a band. We have so much fun and are filled with ideas for the future. – Jonas
“The world is waiting for us to move and we can do anything we want to if we believe.
Casper you joined the band In January, how has it been coming into the band as at the time the only new guy?
It has been just great. I love every second with these guys and as Jonas said we have a lot of fun together. It has always been my dream to make music for a living and meeting these guys and talk about Escape 42 just assured me that this was the band I should pursue my dream with. As we say in our song “Lifeline” The world is waiting for us to move and we can do anything we want to, if we believe. – Casper
What are the plans for next year?
We have our new guitarist coming in and so we need to practice our songs a lot with him. We have a show at Café Von Hatten in our home town Randers the 20. February. So we need to get in shape for that. Also we have a guy on Synthesizer coming in for try outs to join the band as the 6th member. We have always wanted a synthesizer in the band so we are very excited about that. When we get further into the year we hope to play some festivals and gigs. We also want to hit the studio and bring our fans some new music. – Casper
Sounds like you have enough to do when we hit 2016. Good luck to you guys and happy new year.

The world is waiting for us to move and we can do anything we want to if we believe.

BIOEscape 42 is a Pop/rock Band from Randers, Denmark.
The band was formed in January 2014 by 5 young guys dreaming of making music with great melodies and lots of atmosphere and being able to touch people with their music.
Escape 42 plays a hybrid of rock-pop with epic grandiose chrous lines and lots of melody.
The music is build up on great hooklines, emotions and feelings, with a band that delivers a modern rock with lots of intensity, atmosphere and dynamics.

The band have played a lot of gigs since the beginning and they work hard everyday to reach their dream. The band delivers intense live performances filled with energy and feeling. Catchy melodies and Casper Heinrichs powerfull but soft voice takes the crowd on a rollercoaster ride of emotions.

In 2015 The band then Entered the studio at popshit Records and made their EP "Only a Matter of Time" with producer Morten Madsen.
The EP was released as digital streaming and download, worldwide in August 2015.

Only a Matter of Time: EP 2015
(digital streaming and download)

ESCAPE 42 aka:
Casper Heinrich Mathiasen - Lead vocal.
Jonas Petersen - Guitar/backing vocal.
Thor Frohn Pedersen - Guitar.
Simon Svendsen - Bass/Backing vocal.
Thomas Kristoffersen - Drums/backing vocal

Artists We LikeAngels and Airwaves, 30 Seconds to Mars, U2, Young Guns, Blink 182, Coldplay, Bring me the Horizon, My Chemical Romance, Radiohead.

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Contact: Thomas Kristoffersen
Location: Randers, Denmark
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