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Punk is not dead...just older and uglier, and now almost Shakesperean

Copenhagen based The NimbWits is Denmarks new punk rock flagship, and their debut album is full of energy, catchiness and true joy for playing. The Title “To Punk Or Not To Be” may be a little easily selected, but there is no hidden thoughts in the music that is straight forward punk rock, well played - and cool... produced by Patrick Fragtrup from the Danish band Barricade.
The NimbWits draw from well known punk rock inspirations like Bad Religion in “Gotta keep drinking” – The Off Spring in the swinging “Shock System”, Sex Pistols/The professionals in “Boys Night Out” and not least - Dropkick Murphy in “St. Martins” where guest player on bag pipe and flute Sara Oddershede from Vanir, and Heidi Lykke Larsen on background vocals support the band.
But The NimbWits do also present a cool metallic edge that shows out in the songs “Crowd Control” and “Rape The Truth” and not least in the closing cover song “Degenerated” where guest players Michael Denner (ex-Mercyful Fate /King Diamond and Michael Stutzer (Artillery) support with excellent guitar solo performances.
The sound on “To Punk Or Not To Be” is ball breaking hard, and the The NimbWits has simply made an album with more variation in the songs than typically found on punk albums. All performed with true dedication and a cool red line to punk rock of the best kind.
Do not buy “To Punk Or Not To Be” thinking it is a metal album, because this is not the case. The NimbWits is simply punk “through and through”, and you shall buy the album because it is a cool, energized and variated punk album.
Make sure to buy the first release batch that also includes the bonus CD “Punks Not Dead, Just Older And Uglier” which is the boys first demo EP from 2013.
-Metalized / By Nolder-

Talking with THE NIMBWITS

Our interests are simple…having a lot of fun together and make some pure fucking Punk Rock

BIOAfter founding the legendary Danish thrash metal band ARTILLERY in 1982,releasing several albums and
touring the world, drummer Carsten Nielsen felt he had to close the circle and go back to his Roots playing
good old punk rock as he did back in 1979-80.
Gathering 4 of his good friends from back in the days, and The NimbWits; an ugly, old school stage wreckin'
punk rock machine was born. Even though punk literally has become older and uglier, make no mistake! -
These five punks from Copenhagen, Denmark are as dedicated to the music as they were back then, and
still sticking it to the man who tries to control people’s lives and freedom of speech.
February 2013 The NimbWits checked in at Wolf Rider Studio in Copenhagen to make the demo EP "Punks
not dead – just older and uglier" and gave their first interview for Danish music magazine Metalized.
June 2013 The NimbWits executed the first gig together, followed by playing “Metal Magic Festival 2013”
right after, as the first punk band officially invited for this normally “highly dedicated metal event”.
Doing more gigs in 2013, The NimbWits continued making songs aiming to make their debut album at first
given chance. In Late December 2013 The NimbWits was approached by the Danish record label
Schizophrenic Inc, and a full CD for release in 2014 was agreed.
February 2014 The NimbWits entered again Wolf Rider Studio to start recording of the album –
“To Punk or not to be”, and in September 2014 the debut album was released worldwide.
A full page interview for the album was given for the Danish magazine “Metalized” in the August number,
Followed by a Video for the song “Shock System” -
In between the recording and album release, The NimbWits have done gigs locally in Denmark, and
appeared in national Danish television for a “prime time spot” and interview, being the oldest punk band in
Denmark (or maybe in the world) to make a “debut punk album”
September 2014 The NimbWits played the first “international” gig in Holland - with great response.
The NimbWits are known for doing “punk” with style and attitude, as the band do not really come by for -
“a lazy day at the office” - when playing gigs.
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• Punk's not dead - just older and uglier.(EP) - 2013
• To Punk or not to Be - 2014

Henrik Ibsen: Vocals
Martin Bjørknov: Guitar - Vocals
Gert Christensen: Guitar - Vocals
Carsten Kjær Nielsen: Drums
Lars Marcussen: Bass - Vocals

Artists We LikeRamones, Sex Pistols, Social Distortion, NOFX, The Exploited, Bad Religion, G.B.H, The Casualties, Teenage Bottlerocket & many more!

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Contact: Suna Kjær Nielsen
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
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